Lust. Love. Or simply at a Loss with Love. Lusting for Love.

Children Playing at Love, Lusting over One Anothers Body Like Thirsty Beast. It is Not Simple to Honestly and Truly Love another, when One has Yet to Understand, Love and Accept all the Intricacies and Insecurities One carries Within.
In our Longing for External Validation; and External Understanding we Inevitably Fuck over those We only Hope to Give Our Love too. Young Love. Lustful Love. Stupid Love. Filled with Loss and a Desire to Be Cared for, not fully Understanding, only Love can Remedy Love.
Dam Yo, we Can Fuck up. We Can Fuck up Ourselves and We Can Especially Fuck over Others in the Process.
We Live. We Grow. We Learn. We Love Again.

By Organic Alchemy

Student of Life. Institutionally & Self Education. International Criminal Law. Make your own Merits. Philosophy. Spirituality. Alchemy. Anarchist. Militant mind set. Be True to the Self, be True to the World, and Truth is All that will Resonate with Thee. One Race. One love. One God. Peace, Justice and Prosperity to ALL.

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