The Value of Plants as Medicine; My Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Progress after 3 years.

Joan Sosa’s Journey these Last 3 1/2 Years have Been Intriguing.

Changing His Eating #Lifestyle from One of Death Ill Health Suffering and Wastefulness, To one of Health, #Fruitfulness and #Value. From being a #ChronicMasturbator 😰😫to a #NoFap Agent😎💚👁, we may Stumble but we ain’t Giving In. Been From the Heart Manifesting all the Signals God been Transmuting since we Connected through them #Psychedelics whom helped me Embrace these Callings as #Influencer, #Communicator. #Athlete #Spirit minded Entrepreneur. And a Deciminator of Wisdom and Illumination.

A Year into the Plantbased Lifestyle I took my First #Fight. With only 4months of Kickboxing.from 2014. 3years later with only 2months Of Real Muay Thai Experience and Training. On Oct. Friday d 13th 2017 I took my first Fight and First Loss and Win; for I Found a New Love – #Fighting out of which Great learning and Self Growth has been Gained and Experience; Physically and Spiritually.

In June 2018 achieved a Collegiate milestone defeating a 26 year old intellectually Hindering Thought process. With a 4 year Degree in 2years 9months.

These Years 2017‐2019 have been Financially and Emotionally Draining— thankfully Maintening a sense of Physical, #Intellectual and or #Spiritual well Being as Constant as one can be in modern day Society has been Critical……#Grace, Hope, Faith, Confidence and Diligence Can carry you a Long Way.

Heeded and lead by the Infinite Intelligence of Life, The common sense in my own Self- Development and Education, and the various Pressures of Life, 4moths ago I put a Halt to Fighting and Training— I embarked on this Real estate path. Which Started on Oct 10th 2019 and took me Two Courses and 3 Failed Exams. Passed on the 4th, just like in the 2nd Course!…Why try to Recreate the Wheel, though? We can be hard headed. Thank God I Heeded the Call.

On 12-30-2019

I Finally Passed my #RealEstate Test. Entering 2020 a #LicensedAgent—overfilled with #Optimism and #Positivity.

Looking back at these Last 6 years since Leaving my #BelovedCorps feels Good. The first 3 were Over filled with Fears, Anxieties and Emotional Turmoil. But, ey, God is Good💪🏾👀

It is about 3years 6months this Year since I cut out Dead Flesh; what we call Meat, and sporadically eating #Dairy in Meals I just say #Fuckit. I’m Growing though— I’ll continue to get better! 😂.its Also been 3years 2months since my first #Psychedelic #Mushroom experience. #ThankYouPlantMedicine

Through this this Divine #MindRevealing Experience was that I was made Apparent of the errors of my way. What was wrong in my Life. And what Needed to #Change #MySelf. And it was what was needed if I was to have the Life I Wanted.

the last 2.5 years despite Injuries; and #Financial difficulties because of #FinancialIgnorance and #Illiteracy‐ Through the Grace and Guidance of God I’ve Come a Long Way. I’ve been able amass 6 fights. 5W-1L-3Ko.. my first Fight was my first lost, and because I hate losing I made sure to correct my mistakes and begin listening to those whom know more.

#LaoTzu spoke much of leadership, and one thing that stuck with me was the Idea that to be an Effective Leader, one must Always Follow Effective Leadership and Living. — PS. He didn’t say that, that’s my deduction from Studying Him.

Warren buffet said. “Write down about 20 things you want to do. And pick the top 5. Discard the rest”. I say ” take what you need and loss the Rest”.

I do my best to be as Real as I can. That I can Produce valuable content.

Success is not simple.

It is Easy to Fall Prey to one’s own lower Selfish. What #NapoleonHill called “The Devils Workshop.

But if you focus and Take are of your Body. Mind and Spirit. Deal with your Emotional and Spiritual Traumas Responsibly become Fiancially literate and Competant whatever it is You want for in Life, yTraCan and Will Have.

Remember, Mathew 7:7 say,

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you? Try it Out.

Not eating meat makes you soft. You cant build muscles they say. Check it.

I test myself #Physically 4months ago. I weight 138lb. I bench 245lb. Squat 235lb. And deadlight 285lb…I’ve felt #Healthier these last 3years without meat‐ running 5-10miles for fight.

I normally #Fast 16-18hrs; Including when Training for Fight. I do my Best to Eat One main Meal, and during #FightCamps I’ll do 2heavy #plantbased meals per day. Always Breaking Day with a Loaded #Micronutrients #SuperFood infused 32oz Tea/ Brew Concoction I’ve created for myself. Possibly providing me with Well over 90/102 #Essential #Vitamins and #minerals making up the hu-man Body. #HumanAlchemy. Have also Been breaking Fast with .5 to 1.5 pound of #Fruits..between 12-2pm and between4-8PM. Still Building. But

I’ve never Felt better. Like its Saids,

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I applied This Principle Without Even Knowing it. Everything I do to this self Is base on personal #Research, and #Understanding… I Love Me and Want the best for Me, that I can Give My Best to the World.

#GrantCardone said ” I want to be so Rich I Give Money Away– why not I Ask?

Ive beennTracking my Blood work since I Began Fighting. my #BloodWork has never been Better– my blood work actually reflect the age bracket of 18-25 then 26-35. I’m 29… Facts my brother. Not opinions or Bullshit… @ 172lb. I couldn’t Bench. Deadlift. Nor squat nearly twice my bodyweight

•#Mindfully Living Can bring you All the Joy, Happiness and Fruitfulness Fruitfulness Seek to Receive and Give Live.

There is a Science to Living and No One Book. Nor No One Person. NO one Religion can Give you the Fulfillment that Truly Living and Following Your Spirit can Bring.

It’s only been 3 years since embarking Establishing more awareness over this Life and now only Just 2moths into this Real Estate Vehicle; I’m confident with my driving so far. I am Truly Hopeful about the Years and the Life that is to come. Mind you these are very optimistic word coming from a Man with over $15k.

15k In Debt. Or Better Yet 15k to learn to Leverage and to Prompt my Inevitable Progress. – I’m learning that

The Lense with which we choose to View Life can Greatly affect How we Approach It. As One Thinketh, So One Feels, So one Sows, so One Reaps, and so one becomes what one Sees— Is

Why? Because that’s Life. Our Emotions if not wisely handled can rule our Thoughts. Knowledge , Understanding and Wisdom has Nurtured my Thought, and the Seeds Sown are Finally Reaching the Season of Bearing Fruits Beautifully.—-

The Sheep 🐑has Transmuted ItSelf into a GOAT🐐 The Unconscious made Conscious.

Life can be Lived alot more Comfortably when Lived Wisely and More in Harmony with the Laws of Life and Nature.

By Organic Alchemy

Student of Life. Institutionally & Self Education. International Criminal Law. Make your own Merits. Philosophy. Spirituality. Alchemy. Anarchist. Militant mind set. Be True to the Self, be True to the World, and Truth is All that will Resonate with Thee. One Race. One love. One God. Peace, Justice and Prosperity to ALL.

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