The Only Two Truths.

Love is Wisdom; Compassion is Truth- “Do unto Others as You Would Have unto You. Love Others as Thyself’ by Walking in The Truth, The Light and The Way.

Accept nor Encourage Lies, Decption or Hate from No One just as You Would not take These Human Faults and Discrepancies from Yourself, when Walking in The Truth, The Light, and The Way.

The Only Two Things in Life that are True are “Wisdom & Love; Compassion and Truth”

So a Father and Mother Must Love Their Daughters and Sons- Have Compassion and Guide them Wisely onto the Way- This However does not Mean that they must Accept, Love and Approve of the Actions their Sons and Daughters Entertain, Especially when these Actions and Mannerism Stray away From Truth, Light, and That Righteous Way.

For, if a Son or Daughter is a Manipulator, a Thief, Molester, a Promiscuous or Murderous, Hate-filled and Evil Lier at Heart, Though you may Love Them- Dont be Deceived into Thinking You Must Approve, Love or Accept their Actions.

To Love someone Does not Mean that you Accept or Approve of that Person’s Ways or Errors- It simply Means that you Understand how you also Can Become a Victim of Yourself- So Judge Not Lest Yee Be Judged Also and Go about Your Way- Their Inequities Will Drive them either Out of Insanity, or Further InSane into the Agonizing Abysmal Pit of Distress, Mysery and Suffering.

By Organic Alchemy

Student of Life. Institutionally & Self Education. International Criminal Law. Make your own Merits. Philosophy. Spirituality. Alchemy. Anarchist. Militant mind set. Be True to the Self, be True to the World, and Truth is All that will Resonate with Thee. One Race. One love. One God. Peace, Justice and Prosperity to ALL.

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