As a Man; Our Relationship with God, i.e Self- Our Purpose, and Visions are Greater then Women, Comforts and Pleasure.

A Man should never Make the Possession of any Woman the Primary Goal and Focus of what brings meaning to his Life.

As a Man, One prepares oneself for Our Purpose, women should prepare themselves for the Men they Want.
As A Man,
Prepare yourself for what God; i.e Life Has in store for You, and Needs of you, and you will find the right woman and or Women you should have need for in your Life….

If you make the Acquisition of a Woman or Women, the Focus of your life, you’ll be empty and have nothing to give her, that will satisfy her Passions, and Quell her Anxiety of Life. In lacking in Purpose, You’ll lack the Ambition that is needed to ensure that she stays with you, and Remains Inspire by your Purpose towards Life….

Build a Sound stage where a Woman can feel Comfortable, and also Inspired to Life, by, Building your Body, Mind, and Soul. Develop Emotional Intelligence, so that you neither lose your cool with anyone, and so that you can Wisely Deal with your Woman and Children, so that no one can bring out the worst in you when life tests you.

Your purpose as a Man towards Life, and the Women, and Men in your Life is to Develop and Unfold your Dreams, Goals, and Visions,; i.e Businesses towards Life.

Become your Own Man; Master of yourself, by Worshiping, and Holding yourself to a Hugher standard then everyone in Society. Seeking the Wisdom of the Most High God in You; that is All. Then, become your own Father, then King, and then Lover- This is how you’ll ensure you’ll have something Great for the Woman, and or Women that come into your Life my brother, and also for the Posterity which you Create with the Woman, and or Women which life provides.

Focus on Yourself my Brothers.
Love yourself. Know yourself. So that you may abound in Wisdom, and also in the Love Necessary for your Legacy.

Legacy #Love #Wisdom #Purpose #Vision #God #Focus

By Organic Alchemy

Student of Life. Institutionally & Self Education. International Criminal Law. Make your own Merits. Philosophy. Spirituality. Alchemy. Anarchist. Militant mind set. Be True to the Self, be True to the World, and Truth is All that will Resonate with Thee. One Race. One love. One God. Peace, Justice and Prosperity to ALL.

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