Ladies; Happiness is your Responsibility not a Mans.

A Man is supposed to make a Woman content.
A Woman is supposed to keep her Man Happy.
~K. Samuel

Now you may not think this sounds unFair, but you Ladies get to choose who gets the Goodies, men get to choose whom gets a Relationship Provision and Protection.

A Man is not responsible with making Woman happy or keeping her Entertained, his Duty is to Protect, Provision, Provide and to be WILLING to die for HER and the Children if situationdemands.
A Womans UNHAPPINESS and BOREDOM is not a Mans problem, its Hers.

Nature makes no mistakes;
The burden of retaining the Other Sex is on a Woman not man, And so it is up to the woman to keep her Man Happy.
The main thing a Man wants from a Woman is Sex, once he gets that, if he chooses to give that woman a Relationship after sex, that’s on him, and it is because he actually appreciate something other than sex from that woman.

By Organic Alchemy

Student of Life. Institutionally & Self Education. International Criminal Law. Make your own Merits. Philosophy. Spirituality. Alchemy. Anarchist. Militant mind set. Be True to the Self, be True to the World, and Truth is All that will Resonate with Thee. One Race. One love. One God. Peace, Justice and Prosperity to ALL.

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