About the Founder

Sosa was Born May 22, 1990 in the Caribbean, and spent most of his Young adolescence between there and NJ. He Watched as the Twin Towers fell in 2001- Actually looked at them as they burned before being brought Down.

Sosa served Honorably in the U.S Marine Corps- between 2009-2014, during which he Participated in two combat tours during Operations Enduring Freedom, in Afghanistan.

Sosa Attended college between Jan 2014- July 2018, starting at Borough of Manhatten Community College, where he attained his Associates in Criminal Justice, and later, John Jay College of Criminal Justice for a ‘Bachelor of Science’ in Criminal Justice.

Sosa is also a Fighter and has been Training and Fighting since August 2017, and had his first fight on Oct Fri, 13th 2017, which he Lost, since then, he has gone Undefeated in his last 5 fights. with a record of 5W.1L. 3Ko

However, Sosa understands that the fighting and, Everything else that he has done after Dec 28, 2016, Would not be as memorable , were it not for the Plant medicines that Nature has so Graciously and Gracefully In Abundance provided Us, through this Life process; Journey.

The Purpose here is to facilitate the access to that Knowledge , and Awareness .

Joan m. Sosa Mejia – An Awakened Being, that loves to Share Valuable and Inspiring Information that Elevates Ones Spirit; Consciousness. Knowledge which has Helped him, and many many others alike become more Aware, Mindful, and Appreciative of the Richness of life, across time, In this Experience we judge through time.


He is Just Getting Started.

Consultant. Adviser. Coach

Entrepreneur / Thinker, Communicator

Real Estate Salesperson- Legal Shield Ass. Influencers.

Shaman; Teacher; Student

Life Coach; Personal Trainor. Person & Leadership Developer

Professional; Personal Life Experiences

Real Estate Salesperson / Investors ( Jan 2020 – Present)

YouTube Influencer @ Supra Conscious Sosa (Dec 2018- Present)

Fighter Apprentice
( Aug 2017 – Oct 2019)

Sosa has Practiced and Fought in ISKA Internationally Sanctioned Amateur Muay Thai and Kickboxing Tournament’s.

Fight Record: 5W. 1L. 3Ko.

Sosa has also Coached over 520 Hours of Group Muay Thai/ Kickboxing Classes- Has put in Hundreds of Hours into training, the Young, and the elderly individually, as well as coaching fighters- Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

College Student
(Jan 2015- Jul 2018)
Attented Cuny In New York- and finished his ‘Bachelor of Science’ in Criminal Justice in 33 moths, with an Average 3.27 GPA

Corporal of Marines
(2009 – 2014)
Served in the United States Marine Corps; as 0311 Infantryman Rifleman

Ended Active Service;

Rank: Corporal E-4