4th of July vs the Constitution of these United States, they’re not the Same.

Their is a selfish, Conceited, Spiteful, and very Ignorant and Hateful Generation;
“There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.
 There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.
There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! and their eyelids are lifted up.
 There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men”. — Proverbs 30;11-14.

There is a Generation that though living in a Land of Milk and Honey, for lack of Vision and Humility squander all that Milk and All that Honey, and instead only see and Live in the Filth that overfill their Souls.

Yes, we understand that not everyone of those 56 Signers of the Constitution of these United States were not all Good men, but They all put their Livelyhood on the Line to Create something in these America’s that could be Made better by their Children’s children; and something that could protect Many Generations from the Tyrannical Savagery of those Very Few, but always present Devilish Men that always seek to Enslave Humanity for their Selfish benefit and Gain.

It has Been the Selfishness of The comfortable Generations that have proceeded since then, that have overtime given Way to the Life of the Devilish Behemoth Corporate Conglomerate like International Banking and Corporate Cartels that today Indirectly Control most of Humanities Livelyhood; these are the Savages from whom our Constitutions sought to protect us from; aswell as to protect the citizenry from their Own Ignorance which is what is today giving life to the Anarchy which continues to facilitate the Growth of Corporate Private Institutions which gain their Profits at the Expense of Humanities suffering.

4th of July is a Useless Celebration;

It is a Celebration that benefits no one but the Corporations that today profit from the senseless financial waste of the STUPID masses that blindly entertain these Celebritions, another Pagan like Holiday.

But, remember to not be like that Generation ( Proverbs 30;11-14) that does not appreciate the Gifts that they today enjoy because of the sacrifices that others made before them, for a World without order and Enslaved to Corporations and Monarchies is alot less pleasurable than the Comforts many Americans are fortunate to enjoy today, because of the Sacrifices of Yesterday.

The only reason we Have not built better from the Foundation set by the Founders of this Nation, is because of the Greed and Ignorance of those that have come after.

Humanity suffers because Good men refuse to do, or say nothing in sight of wrong.

Appreciate what yoo have, instead of Depreciating what you have because of what is and what might Be.


Kiss your Loved Ones.

If you ain’t kissing your lady before leaving each others presence; get you a new one or stay alone until you learn the value of appreciating your significant other.
A kiss a day keeps many troubles and problems away.
Kiss each other as often as possible, it was your desire when you lacked that special someone with whom to share your Livelyhood.
Kiss your family too, don’t be a cold Inconsiderate unloving asshole.
Your family and significant other (others) are Deserving of your love, and its your responsible to wisely and mindfully give off it.
I wasn’t one that received much attention growing up, so I would often do dangerous things to get that attention; maybe thats why I have so many scars on this body.
But then I grew up, matured, and instead began giving myself the love and attention needed; then and only then was I able to remove the blockages that kept me from giving that mindful love and attention to others around me.
Been in 3 real relationships between 16 and 30;
Between those 3 and the hook ups, I’ve learned many things,  both about women and how to deal with them, how to behave in relationships and myself.
Boundaries, Expectations and Communication are Key; and without honest open Communication the first two which are the most important do not exist.
What are your Boundaries (your Standards) and what are your Expectations of one another?
The more Honest you are with yourself the more Honest you’ll be with others.
The most important relationship is the one you have with Self family.


Dick means nothing to women; Women can get Dick anywhere and everywhere whenever and nearly from whoever they want. You want a Woman to respect and Value you, make her understand that she’ll never find another like you. How? Your Mind, and Consciousness. Great Dick game is important, but so is How you Feed her Mental and her Emotions.. She must Understand that though there are many Dicks, and she can get attention from other Men, there are very Few men that will commit to them and make her Think and Feel about herself and you like you can. Dicks is everywhere, but a Complete Men, husband material and Kings aren’t. You must become the Price most women are looking for; you want her consideration, respect and appreciation, make sure these ladies understands that the security, love and attention they receive from you they’ll never get from many other Men. She needs to understand that getting a Man in need is easy, but getting a Man to Love a woman is hard, and Love is what they really Want. Love Yourself well my Brothers because that same love is what women seek, if she leaves, ey that’s one less problem for you.


Ladies; No guy will befriend you with Genuine Platonic Love and attention; Every man that befriends you wants one thing from you—anything Genuine will only come after he gets this one thing. If he doesn’t get this One thing, some will remain in hopes that one day they will; maybe a heartbreak, your drunk etc. Believe me, most of yous personality ain’t shit to begin with. Most women believe they’re Perfect just the way they are, in need of no personal development. I hate to break it to you, but you ain’t. If you find a Good Man, that knows where he’s going in life and treats you with respect, seeks to motivate and build upon you, doesn’t rush you into anything; consider that Man. You’ll find many ready to Fuck you, but very few willing to commit to you. Yia may control Sex, but men control who gets a Relationship. That’s all I’ma say.


The only thing that induced me to stop smoking, after almost 15years was perspective. I would often say “let’s burn 🔥”. Then One time ‘TIME came into the equation and I started looking at smoking as me ‘Burning🔥 time”. That day I also thought, “what if” What if I Am burning precious time that I don’t even know I have? What if I am burning opportunities and experiences? What if by me being here Burning this weed, instead of sleeping, working out, Reading, writing,building with family, or any other positive thing I could be doing with my time, I Am slowly digging an early grave? What if I am burning time that could end up putting me closer to an untimely death? What if? And that Thought kept hunting me, and One day; it had been the 3rd day in a Row when i said im not smoking today,, and that day it was raining,, it was 11pm and i found myself rolling,, and as i am smoking under a tree,, trying not to let the Blunt get wet i hear some dude walking up the Block (i know he wasn’t talking to me,, but the TIMING was just right) say, “Next time I see you Ima Kill you, i stopped for about a Month.. but then I came back,, until one day I just couldn’t bear that inner dialogue, and it told me; You stop smoking for the Military, you stopped smoking to Fight, when will you stop Smoking for your Dreams and to be in Good service to that Something Divine? And idk, that day I decided that no Habit would Rule over my life. All Glory and Praise, and Thanksgiving be Unto that Which is MOST HIGH which Man always seems to Hold in High regard; Himself, Family, Friends, Community; Life. #addiction #Wisdom #warrioroflight #goodhabits #morals #ThinkCritically #LiveRight #time #smoking #perspective #choice


Be worthy of occupying space in someone’s memory.

Be that someone, bring and provide that Something you always wished to see more of;
Forget about what a mediocre, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually impoverished few may think, and consider the value you Will bring those that will Truly appreciate in value by it, and appreciate and Value you for it.

Whatever it is you do, Release all attachments to expected outcomes and Embrace Gratitude for the Process; only in this Spirit will you Enrich others aswell as yourself; Mentally, Emtionally, Spiritually and Materially in the Process.

You are the Product/ The Tool; be certain to be of Excellent Quality and Utility.
Be the Kind of product that provides value to such a Great number and in such a Unique Way,  that the world remembers, and appreciates you long after your passing for having existed.
Be a Force for Good that Enriches everything and Everyone that crosses your path and whose path you cross.

Be worthy of occupying space in someone’s memory.


Imagine; Ask and Believe that so long as you act the Universe will provide.

Just imagine ‘That’ kind of life you could design for yourself had you the Courage to give your life that kind of Purpose, Meaning and Reason
Than ask yourself;
Do I spend (Invest) as much time thinking, Feeling, believing and putting the actions, thoughts and emotions into making this life possible as I do into using these various Technologies, social platforms or working for another?

Your Thoughts, Emotions and Words (written, Spoken or Acted upon) are powerful creative tools outmatched only by that which is the Source from which you Spring from within You.

What you want Seen will be created out of the Unseen you daily give permission to germinate in the Kingdom of your Thoughts, Heart and Beingness.
For it is that which is not seen that all that is seen is of material creation made.

Remember ; it is written,
“Yee are all gods; all of you children of the Most High God.
And why we are told to “Call things which are not as though they were “.  You have that same Creative Power to keep making more things in the likeness beheld in the Kingdom of your Minds.

Write down what you want, wish for, envision and set goals.
It is written;
“Ask and receive,
“Write the vision, make it plain, that they that read it may run with it”.
The bigger your Goals, Dreams, Wishes and Visions, the bigger you dare to go the greater the pull on you to accomplish them.
Make being of Excellent service your number one Goal.
The greater the demand in you to grow; the Greater the pull on you to become something and someone capable of bringing those Callings into Fruition; whether something like them, or greater than you ever imagined posible.
You are the Dreamer; you’re either Dreaming something mediocre or extraordinary.
Whatever you dream will be the underlining fabric of the life you end up living.

Step into each day with Grace, Hope, Faith-filled Actions and Love.


Ladies; Happiness is your Responsibility not a Mans.

A Man is supposed to make a Woman content.
A Woman is supposed to keep her Man Happy.
~K. Samuel

Now you may not think this sounds unFair, but you Ladies get to choose who gets the Goodies, men get to choose whom gets a Relationship Provision and Protection.

A Man is not responsible with making Woman happy or keeping her Entertained, his Duty is to Protect, Provision, Provide and to be WILLING to die for HER and the Children if situationdemands.
A Womans UNHAPPINESS and BOREDOM is not a Mans problem, its Hers.

Nature makes no mistakes;
The burden of retaining the Other Sex is on a Woman not man, And so it is up to the woman to keep her Man Happy.
The main thing a Man wants from a Woman is Sex, once he gets that, if he chooses to give that woman a Relationship after sex, that’s on him, and it is because he actually appreciate something other than sex from that woman.


It all starts Within.

You are the Creator of your own reality, but also a co-creator in the reality of the collective.

The battle of life is for your Soul; for Your Heart,  i.e  your Mind, your Will and your Emtions.

Master Thyself, Submit your Beingness to that which is Divine, and Receive the Crown  of Life.

The Havoc we see in the World is a Reflection of our Internal Self;  Heart; Soul, to Bring Peace and Harmony back into life we must Reflect it from within our Self.

– _  __  __  __
– || //-\\ //\\//\\

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Man; The Source of Your Happiness should be Gratitude for your Work in Devotion to what is Devine

Your happiness as a Man is your Business;
Your Happiness should never depend on the presence of any woman; women were not Designed to bear such Burden.
You must learn to be Happy on Your own, and once you make that possible, then and only then will you not lack in the Capacity to make a Woman Comfortable with you.
Your Calm, Serene, And Sound presence will be like an Anchor ⚓ to her during her Storms. Your Calmness will be Her shield of Peace, just as she should always aim to be your Greatest supporter, and a Fountain of Peace to you in every moment.

I used to think I was responsible for a Womans happiness.
Foolish Old little me.
Its impossible to make a woman happy.

But, it is possible to make her aware that you are Possibly her best option at happiness by making sure that you are always happy, and focused more on your Work, Goals and Self to ensure that you are always happy, with or without her.
All you simply need to do is Selflessly share that love with her to let her know you atleast appreciate her presence, but that you will continue to prosper and flourish with or without her.

Cuz once a Woman doesn’t FEEL you anymore, ain’t no changing their Minds, only life will remind them how they fucked up after she’s getting her Back Dogged Out by another guy that does not satisfy her Emotional Side.
And by then its most time too late to be taken back.
Most Men don’t like reconquering Conquered land’s.

– _  __  __  __
– || //-\\ //\\//\\

#Gratitude #Attitude #Patience #Mindset #Lifestyle #Habits #health #wealth #Discipline  #MasterBuilder
#Virtue #Honor #Courage #compassion #truth #consciousness #SupraconsciousLiving