Women don’t Love Men. They Love how Men make them Feel.

They don’t love you,
They love how your Deep strokes of unadulterated Love make their Streams of Waters flow and Feel.
They Love the Truly Authentic Love you Feel for Yourself and or the World and How they Feel when you Fill their Insides
Don’t ever get it twisted. Don’t ever be deceive not for by a Nice body and a pretty face, not that yoni that satisfies your Desires for pleasure and that feeling of being Desired by someone.
They Love what you can do for them not you.

Soon as you stop being able to provide those things that make Them FEEL good about themselves, FEEL safe, secure and Provided for, FEEL happy, they’ll take away what makes you FEEL wanted, love and Desired, and Might even go for Everything else that brings you satisfaction including your Livelyhood and Happiness.

Only Conscious Men Love without Expectation and True Uplifting devotions.
And Very very very Few Women can Truly Loveba Man for who he is, and can be then for what they Have and can do for them.

All others Love out of Lack of Love for self, and out of a Vane Egotistical desire to FEEL desired.

So Love Thyself and never base your Value on what others, especially women think of you.

Chase Money (Your Passions, Dreams, Goals, Visions and Desire) Never ever Chase a Woman.
99 Percent of Women follow After Money not Love.
Its up to you to Realize yourself and Find that 1% worth your True Love and Devotion.

She won’t Hinder your Growth. She will Encourage and Support your Every decision because she will Value the Worth you Truly Bring as a Man.

Know Thyself


Mankind has been Given the Dignity of Choice.

The responsibility that Mankind has that no other Earthling has.

Unlike animals;
We Humans have been given the Liberty and Dignity of Choice.
You can make of your life whatever you Choose to make it, given the Gifts, qualities, abilities and Talents you have been endowed with, or such as you Choose through your own Will the capacity to Manifest.

This is about you. You are both the Villain and the Hero. The main Actor and a smile Extra. The Protagonist and or the Victim. All your Choice.
A Horror, Action, Thriller, Drama or a Wonderful Comedy filled with ask of the Above.

It is about the Agreement you made with life at birth.

You were promised nothing Special. You were promised the Equal opportunity to be all that you wanted, dreamed and imagined to Be and which became through the “Right Use of Your Will”. You were given the equal opportunity to make of yourself all you Manage to through the Choices you made through your lifetime.

Death is the inevitable reward of this conquest and Agreement of Life.

You were even promised that a good life lived could last into Eternity if you Honored your Agreement to Create your Legacy.
It was an unspoken agreement only agreed upon by birth and in the Imagining of your Consciousness from the Loins of the Fountain from which you flowed into the Great Womb of the Great Mother mediators of life.

Wake up young gods 😉
Wake up young lords.
Wake up young kings.

Know Thyself going Masters.

Reclaim your Crown 👑