Mankind has been Given the Dignity of Choice.

The responsibility that Mankind has that no other Earthling has.

Unlike animals;
We Humans have been given the Liberty and Dignity of Choice.
You can make of your life whatever you Choose to make it, given the Gifts, qualities, abilities and Talents you have been endowed with, or such as you Choose through your own Will the capacity to Manifest.

This is about you. You are both the Villain and the Hero. The main Actor and a smile Extra. The Protagonist and or the Victim. All your Choice.
A Horror, Action, Thriller, Drama or a Wonderful Comedy filled with ask of the Above.

It is about the Agreement you made with life at birth.

You were promised nothing Special. You were promised the Equal opportunity to be all that you wanted, dreamed and imagined to Be and which became through the “Right Use of Your Will”. You were given the equal opportunity to make of yourself all you Manage to through the Choices you made through your lifetime.

Death is the inevitable reward of this conquest and Agreement of Life.

You were even promised that a good life lived could last into Eternity if you Honored your Agreement to Create your Legacy.
It was an unspoken agreement only agreed upon by birth and in the Imagining of your Consciousness from the Loins of the Fountain from which you flowed into the Great Womb of the Great Mother mediators of life.

Wake up young gods 😉
Wake up young lords.
Wake up young kings.

Know Thyself going Masters.

Reclaim your Crown 👑


The Male Phalis is Like a “Magic Wond – Respect Thyself Men.

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DICK is Powerful my Brothers- Dont Let these Good For nothing Whores; #Jezebel and  Mediums of Entertainment Make You Think otherwise.

You are The MASCULINE; Physical Manifestation of CONSCIOUSNESS in Flesh.

WHY Yia think These SISTERS Dare to come out in Public an Act All FOOLISH and Crazy and Stupid over It? Why do you think, Our Goddess fall prey, and submit themselves as they do, to the Unscrupulous demands of UnMasculine and Worthless”Macho” Male men

Why yia Think She is Willing to Cut it Off, and then Feel Sorry, yet Not Sorry about it??

– Our Dick;  That Penis; The Male Phalis is the #Magic Stick – We can put Curses; The Traumas and Insecurities we Men Carry inside- and or Blessings and Dreams into them- Positive and Creative Energies, and or Destructive and Mentally and Spiritually Disruptive Energies- It All Depends on the Intentions and Affection with which we Receive, and or Take what we are Being Given by our LADIES….Yia Inner-Stand?

You can Either FUCK that Woman; Queen; Goddess- or you can Make and Breath LOVE into HER Uni-Verse

.MINDSET is Key.

Im Just a Fool That Thinks- what would a Wise Man Say and or Do? Then I MediCate- I Mean, I Meditate on It.


#Life #LiveRight #PlantBasedLiving #TeachTheChildren #OpenYourThirdEye #ThinkCritically #PlantsAreMedicine


Why is it So hard for Americans- and Westernized Systems of Governing, to Critically Think?

The Critical Thinking Aspect of the People of this Nation, and Most Westernized Nations of the World has Been being Systematically Sucked out of the Minds of the People; How? Through a Deviently Designed Indoctrinational System, that Aims At Strategically Disinformating, and MisEducationing the Populous-

And it has Gotten So Bad- that Any American; i.e Any Person Person that Chooses to Express an Opinion, that Demands Critical thinking (Thinking outside the Box), and is Counter to the Established Narrative of the Mainstream Mediums, is quickly Attacked.
And the Regurgitated attack is some Lunacy that makes no and is Completely Lacking in Critical Thinking and Sense.

Power to you- The Many and Few that Do try to Bring some Insight, and Awareness, and Value, thrpugh your Own Unique, Crtically Influenced Thought Process.

Many Do see the Truth- but insist on Hiding their Heads under a Rock,l- These would rather avoid the Critical thinking- because it’s always easier to rebuttal with Nonsense, then to Try and Make Sense of All the Crazy things we Lack understanding of…

Making Sense demands that One Thinks. Making Sense and Critically Thinking demands that we Get Better.
For we to Get better, we must pull our Heads Out of our Ass- and it Demands that we stop being Asses.  Being Better demands that we Live with Purpose, and that we Livenon Purpose.
It’s Possible Family- You can Do all the Good you have in you To Do.

Flow Writing

The ALL is Mind, therefore, We should All Be, MINDFull.

Wisdom (Wis- Wise, Dom- forming Upon) is The Application of Knowledge. Know-ledge or Knowledge i.E Established – Knowing and Tech-Know-Ledgy or Technology i.E Established – Knowing (Consciousness)- In Tech (Man Made Material Substance).  This ‘Power’ in Itself Like, Life (Energy, Vibes/Vibrations, Karma), Earth, its Resources and Our-Self,   

Therefore, the Wise Workings of Source (Christ, Spirit, Conscious) Energy, Knowledge, Technology, and Earthly Resources is Optimal and 

should be used For, and only for, the Betterment, Progressive and Prosperous Evolution of ALL Earthlings.  This is Rudimentary for A Continual, Harmonious, and Unrestricted Thriving Existence.  

Using Energy; like as Frequency, Vibes- Vibrations, Sorcery, Knowledge; such as the manipulation of Information for Self-Gain, Technology; like the using of Man-made Equipment, Machinery, any Art and Craft, or Any of the other ‘Powers’, Granted to Us by The Conscious Force (Source, Spirit, Ether, Vibration, Frequency, Christ, God, Allah, what Ever the Name by which we may Call IT) Which lives in Us ALL, for any other Purposes, should never be an Act Viewed as Viable or Acceptable, by any Group, of Self-Governing People. Only the Un-Self Governed, Allow, and Entertain Such Acts.  Such Miss-Workings (ill Use) is Ignorant and Retarded in it-Self, and Retards and De-pleats any ORDER or Society. 



Ask Your Self.    

Am I Self Governed?  Am I Self-Conscious? Am I Self Aware, that My decisions are Not being Governed by Any Exterior Forces? Am I the Governor of My own Mind? Or, Is There someone’s Voice other than Mine Making Decision, or Thinking for Me?   

i.e. some Influential figure, Man, Woman, or Man Made Figure on Tel-lie-Vision (Tell Lies to Our Visions), on the Radio (Ra-Rays- (Sun Rays) Information, Dio, Latin for God-Consciousness, Energy, Spirit, Christ Etheric Force of Information are delivered Ray-Dio ) or in some other Aspect of Life such as the Various Portals and Dimensions of Entertainment Reality.   

Because, this is How we begin to Break free, from those chains of Life.  Chains, that Bind us in Ways, which are Detrimental to Thine-Self (Body, Health), Thine Mind (Cognitive and Mental Wellbeing) and Thine Spirit (Emotionally and Spiritually).   

Change is always Calling Each and Every one of Us. Some, are either just to afraid, to uncertain, just Ignorant, and or in even More EXTREME cases, All of the Above. This keeps One stuck. Like a Log (Ignorance, Problems or Vices we suffer) getting stuck, while flowing through a Stream ( The Stream Being-Life- Reality-Existence) which will only allow the stream to flow Freely after, IT ( the log, or Suffering) has completely Rotted (Died, Deteriorated, or Subsided) away, or until an even Greater force (such an unforeseen and life altering event) generated by that Stream, or ,an Even Greater Object, comes along and Moves it.  

Scared of change and Stuck in Old Ways, Many Ones, I’s, Me’s and You’s, would rather much act as if they can’t Hear, Listen and or Sense anything and Live a Life of Mediocrity.  And die as they lived Scared, Lacking Confidence and Unaware of ALL the Joy LIFE (Consciousness, the Christly Essene, God, Allah) has Given for Us to Work, Love and Ponder, i.e. knowing that that Change, Working and Pondering is the Love that Grows and Grows inside Each and Every one of I, Me, and You.    


This is a Never-Ending Journey. Never restrict your Learning with Constricting Beliefs, Opinions and Views.  That Mental Concept (Paradigm, Matrix, or Mindset however we Look, See or View it) is Again Detrimental to the Flow of this Never Ending, Always Growing and Ever-Changing Universe.   


We. One can overdo things, at times. Like an Earth and Consciousness, Our Mind Sits like a Rock (and we ourselves also Sit (Set, Seth, Death) or Move) or Moves in the Wind like the Sands. Like Nature (the Infinit Cosmos) our Mind Dreams.   

-J.M Sosa Mejia    

You Read these Words here First. Blessings Be to ALL Thine Eye whom this Knowing Befalleth.  We Think. We Learn. We Are. We Do. We Grow.  

p.S I Promise to keep working on this piece.